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JOO jewellery designs glamorous jewelry with inspiration from the scandinavian simplicity and swedish design. We love the beautiful ancient craftman ship and jewelry originated from the Sami people.

JOO has the ambition of making this swedish traditional jewelry more modern using different materials, design and style so that more people find it attractive. 

Nomad collection launched January 2016 takes inspiration from the Swedish native people ”the samis” with classic ”pewter thread jewellery” as well as modern influences and intricate jewellery techniques. 

The Nomad is classic JOO. The ‘one’ go to piece of jewellery that is timeless and cool. Leather in a myriad of colours. Braids with either 14k gold or silver plated copper thread and 14k golden beads/sterling silver beads. JOO buttons with straps in gold or silver to match.

JOO refers to her jewellery as ”cross-over ” as pieces are a blend of different material and techniques.

Warm welcome to JOO jewellery! We hope that you will like our jewelry as much as we do. 


Model: Malin Ericksson Photographer: Derek Garubo  Stylist/MUA: Malina Holmberg  Creative: Johanna Tornberg

About JOO

Swedish designer Johanna Tornberg is the founder and creative behind JOO jewellery. From her base in Stockholm, Sweden she creates wearable distinct pieces of jewellery inspired by sami craft.

Born and raised in the city of Luleå in the northern part of Sweden and now working in the beautiful archipelago just outside Stockholm; Johanna can’t help but be inspired by her heritage and surrounds. JOO is born of a love of creativity and plays with evocative colour and pattern. As well as a core seasonal collections, JOOstudio creates handmade to order jewellery created in partnership with the customer.

Johanna finds her creative expression in dynamic modern pieces. The collection Nomad launched in January 2016 is an exciting mix of contrasting materials and this is something Johanna looks to nature for. Her surrounds and the climate is an abundant inspiration. The mountains and the sea, winter fire and frozen ice. From Northern, magical winter Lapland, to the summer island of Gotland and back to the pulsing city life in Stockholm.
Warm welcome to JOO jewellery! I really hope that you will enjoy our jewelry as much as we do. 
LOVE from JOO and Johanna


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