The NOMAD by JOO jewellery

Being a NOMAD means unlimited freedom and to live life to the fullest. Being open minded, free spirited and spreading good vibes to people around you. Being a NOMAD means independence and freedom. It means continuously gaining new experiences to explore and to push your personal limits to grow into the person you are meant to be. It means full-time education, constantly exploring and developing. It means making connections with the world and the different cultures. A nomadic lifestyle means being curious, enjoying and learning from all kinds of people and personalitites. It means having opportunities. It means doing self-experiments. And it’s all that, all in one. 


Love, freedom and good vibes from JOO!


Model: Malin Ericsson

Photographer: Derek Garubo

Stylist/MUA: Malina Holmberg

Creative: Johanna Tornberg




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